Award Winning2017-06-26T05:51:46+00:00

Some of our awards

  • Australian Bacon Awards 2017 – 2nd in ACT and 3rd overall in Australia

  • Australian Ham Awards 2014 – 1st place in both boneless and bone-in ham for the ACT and placed 2nd nationally for boneless ham.
  • National Sausage King Championships – Perth 2013 – 1st place in Australia for Lamb sausage.
  • National Bacon Awards 2012 – 1st place for ACT & 2nd place for Australia.
  • National Ham Awards for Excellence 2012 – 1st Place ACT & 3rd place Australia for bone in leg ham.
  • National Sausage King Championships 2012 – 1st place ACT and 1st place NSW for Lamb sausage.
  • National Sausage King Championships 2011 – 3rd place Australia Pork Florentine Sausage.
  • National Bacon Awards 2011 – 1st place for ACT.
  • National Ham Awards for Excellence 2011 – 1st place ACT for bone in leg ham.
  • ACT Sausage King Championships 2011- 1st Place ACT Traditional Australian Sausage, 100% Pork sausage, Poultry sausage, Continental Sausage & Gourmet Sausage.
  • ACT Sausage King Championships 2008 – 1st place ACT 100% Pork sausage & 1st Place ACT Gourmet Sausage
  • National Sausage King Championships 2006 – 1st place Australia for German Bratwurst sausage, 3rd place Australia for 100% Pork Sausage,  1st place ACT for 100% Pork Sausage, 1st place ACT for Gourmet Sausage.
  • National Sausage King Championships 2005 – 1st place ACT, 1st place NSW for honey, mint, rosemary & lamb sausage.